Iconic 2-Seater Campervans

Wicked Campers Iconic Campers include everything you need for a kick-ass roadtrip...

Sometimes in life, less is more. Some of the best experiences you will have in life happen when you have to improvise – and these Iconic Campervans are full of such experiences. Cheap, reliable and basic these are our original style camper for the budget conscious traveller.

You only live once yeah? So why not get freaky baby and drive around The UK & Europe in a campervan that would make even Cheech & Chong cream their chino's...


Driver Age 21+

All drivers must be aged 21 or over when hiring a Wicked Camper & must have a valid full driver’s license. At the time of rental the driver must present his/her current national driving license issued for at least one year.

IMPORTANT: International Driving Permits (IDP)

The International Driving Permit (IDP) is required if the national driving license is not written in Latin characters. The International Driving Permit is mandatory by law for all renters not belonging to the European Union. The International Driving Permit translates the national driving license into several languages and must always be accompanied by a national driving license.

Exceptions: Renters from the following countries can hire a campervan using their own national driving license and passport: Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States.

Italian citizens holding the new European driving license and / or driving document without the address of residence must present a valid identity document from which the residence address can be deduced.

Driving licenses issued in Vietnam must be accompanied by a notarial translation issued by the Vietnamese Ministry of Transport to be accepted anywhere.

Failure to present the International Driving Permit to a Police check could result in a fine and a possible seizure of the vehicle for 3 months. In this case, Wicked Campers reserves the right to charge the customer the amount of the non-refundable compensation penalty applicable for the rented vehicle.

Campervan Specifications

  • For Drivers 21+
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Sleeps & Seats 2 Adults
  • Right-Hand Drive
  • Large comfy bed (1.45m wide x 1.85m long)
  • Kitchenette, Gas Cooker, Plates, Cups & Bowls
  • Ice Cooler for Beers & Food
  • Internal table and Seating Area
  • Saucepan + Fry Pan
  • 160km Per Day Allowance* (Extra KM's can be pre-purchased)
  • Best value way to see the UK and Europe

*All Wicked Campers in the UK & Europe include an allowance of 160kms (100 Miles) Per Day.
For Example, if you hire for 10 Days, you will have a total trip allowance of 1,600kms. Any additional kms travelled will be charged at the end of hire at a rate of €0.13 per km. Extra Miles/Kms can be pre-purchased when booking your campervan online.

Optional Extras

Additional Drivers, Sat Nav (GPS), Headlight Converters (available only in London depot), Pet Charge, Breathalyser (available only in London depot), VOH Certificate

Wicked Campervan Hire

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To this end, Dr Van Dickberger has been working closely with Wicked Campers on a cure. And we're close. Really close.

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So step up and take a stance against Shit Life Syndrome, hire a Wicked Campervan and be a Good CUNT.

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  • Depot locations all over Europe
  • Cheap price, reliable, safe, and no frills
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